Blog Posts in April, 2010

Exercise Training for “The Boys”

Studies suggest that there is a relationship between exercise and male fertility. Interestingly, men who have a ”moderate” exercise program (1 hour of exercise 3 times per week) have been ...
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The Importance of Good-Quality Supplements – Must Read

Pulling Down the Moon nutritionist Breea Johnson guest-posts on Beth and Tami’s Fertility Authority blog this week. For more information about fertility nutrition and supplements, you can visit ...
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Fire-Cupping and Fertility

By Pamela Policastro, L.Ac. So, when you go for your weekly fertility acupuncture treatment and your practitioner breaks out the little cups, she’s not proposing a toast (unless you’ve ...
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Boost Your Egg Quality I.Q.

Because we work so closely with physicians, we have to be scrupulous about any suggestion that Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition and yoga can impact egg quality because there is very little ...
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Working with Thoughts

A couple years ago, Tami and I spent a wonderful week studying yoga nidra with an amazing teacher and yogi, Richard Miller. At the retreat we spent a lot of time exploring the nature of our mind. ...
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Holistic Fertility Primer: Fertility Yoga

Do any of the following statements apply to you? If so, you may want to read further to learn why joining a fertility yoga class would be a good first step for you on the fertility journey. I feel ...
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What Are You Smoking????

by Pamela Policastro, L. Ac. Welcome back to our Fertility Acupuncture Tools of the Trade feature. This week's topic is moxibustion. No, moxibustion is not some sort of wacky-backy. In traditional ...
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More Evidence in Support of Fertility Yoga

More evidence in support of yoga for fertility: A new study examining the potential stress-reduction benefits of hatha yoga practice compared the inflammatory and endocrine responses of healthy women ...
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Getting Started with Holistic Fertility Treatment

Perhaps the most common question we get at the Moon is “where should I start?” Women and couples are interested in doing everything they can to increase their odds of conceiving. But among ...
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