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PCOS and Cortisol: Why a Relaxation Regimen Is Not Optional

Most doctors agree that the most effective first-line treatment for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is diet and exercise. Eating a low-glycemic diet that helps regulate blood sugar levels and exercising ...
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iRest – Sleeping Your Way to Fertility (the Yoga Way)

What do U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq and infertility patients have in common? They both might benefit from a form of yoga called Integrative Restoration or iRest. A feasibility study conducted at ...
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Acupuncture, Depression and Pregnancy

A new study was published this week in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology which showed that acupuncture can help treat symptoms of depression in pregnant women. In the study, depressed women ...
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Vitamin “Sea” for Fertility: A Primer

Sea vegetables are nutrient powerhouses, especially for fertility. These humble ocean plants (well, technically they’re algae which is neither plant nor animal – but that may be T.M.I.) ...
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Don’t Just Do Something…Sit There!

As part of our free patient education series sponsored by Fertility Centers of Illinois, we offer a fun class called The Relaxation Response designed for women (and partners) who are stressed, ...
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Mastery, Flow and Fertility

My brother Ted Bilich, a D.C.-area attorney and Associate Professor of Law at Georgetown, writes and teaches about the importance of goals, how to set them and how to achieve them. He has a ton of ...
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Male Infertility and Risk of Testicular Cancer

This recent study examining the link between male infertility and increased risk of testicular cancer caught the eye of our nutrition department. When questioned about the reasons why the infertile ...
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How Creativity Supports Fertility

Let It Be Written...or painted...or cooked...or danced.... Hmm... can I really start this blog by talking about life energy and chakras? What the heck. I'll give it a try. In yoga, we talk a lot about ...
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Restorative Fertility Yoga

Need to restore today? Check out this great video of Tami demonstrating Supine Bound Angle, a yoga pose that’s great for both male and female fertility.
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Our Sister the Moon

“Johnny take a walk with your sister the Moon, Let her pale light in to fill up your room. You’ve been living underground, eating from a can. You’ve been running away from what you ...
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Soy and Fertility: The Controversy

To soy or not to soy is a common question in the world of fertility nutrition and the answer to receive depends on which nutritionist you consult. Don’t laugh…the question of soy is ...
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Why Yoga for Fertility

You’re busy, you’re stressed out and you think there’s not another single thing you can fit into your schedule…but you keep hearing people talk about yoga for fertility and ...
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Welcome to the Blog

Your Virtual Fertility Advocate This blog belongs to Positive Paige, our hip helper at Pulling Down the Moon. To be honest, Paige is more of a “tweeter” than a blogger, but even she ...
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