Blog Posts in March, 2011

Therapeutic Yoga for PCOS?

There are many reasons that a therapeutic yoga program may benefit women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOS presents very differently in different women but the syndrome as whole is associated ...
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New Study Shows Acupuncture More Effective than Exercise for PCOS

A new study compared the effect of electro-acupuncture (EA), physical exercise and no intervention on testosterone levels, menstrual frequency, acne and hirsutism in women with PCOS. After 16 weeks of ...
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Anna's News: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Egg Quality

Anna Pyne, LAc, MSOM, FABORM A question I frequently get asked in my acupuncture practice is "Can acupuncture help improve egg quality?" From my own clinical experience the answer is, it can. ...
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A Meditation on the Power of Symbols

Spring is a powerful symbol of fertility, rebirth and renewal. In our upcoming book The Infertility Cleanse, we spend a fair amount of time writing about the role of symbols in health and healing. ...
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Amazing, Inspiring, Thought-Provoking

Many of you have likely seen this (now famous) video where neuro-scientist Jill Bolte Taylor describes how her stroke revealed to her the inner-workings of the human brain. If you’ve never ...
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Is the ANDI Fertility-Friendly?

by Beth Heller, M.S., R.Y.T. You may have noticed signs at your local Whole Foods Market promoting the ANDI score of different foods. ANDI, in case you missed it, stands the for Average Nutrient ...
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Caffeine and Fertility: Need to Know Info

Can I Drink Caffeine When I’m TTC? Getting off caffeine can be a challenge but we recommend that women lose their dependence on this stimulant when they're trying to conceive. While sources are ...
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Incorporating Reiki into Fertility Work

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of Natural Healing. Rei is the Japanese word for Universal (the Energy that is available for everyone) and Ki (chi in Chinese) is the Japanese word for energy. Reiki ...
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Foundation and Femininity: Healing the First and Second Chakras

Cathleen McCauley L.M.T. By Cathleen McCauley LMT Imagine for a moment that you feel completely healed. What does that feel like to you? Maybe you feel well, your reproductive system or other body ...
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Fertility-Friendly Fitness - A Balancing Act

By Beth Heller, M.S. Spring is coming and this time of year our minds turn inevitably to swimsuits, sleeveless sundresses and bare skin - when we're not thinking about babies, that is. Body conscious ...
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In Their Own Words

By Beth Heller, MS RYT It has been one of those amazing weeks where emails from past yoga students have filled my inbox. As I read the comments of women who have taken class with me or with another of ...
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