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Our Founders

Beth Heller

M.S., R.Y.T.

Tamara Quinn

B.S., RYT, Yoga Swami

Our Directors

Meredith Nathan

Director of Massage

Stacy Dunn

Director of Acupuncture

Meg Gibson

Director of Business Development & Operations


Yoga Teachers

Cassie Harrison

Yoga Instructor

Alison Ruettiger

Yoga Instructor

Kellie Green

Yoga Instructor


Stacy Dunn

Director of Acupuncture Licensed Acupuncturist, Chicgao, Available: Wednesday, Thursday AM & Saturday

Anna Pyne

Licensed Acupuncturist, Chicago, Available: Tuesday & Friday

Christine Davis

Licensed Acupuncturist, Buffalo Grove, Available: Wednesday & Saturday

Kelly Lyons

Licensed Acupuncturist, Chicago, Available: Sunday, Wednesday AM & Thursday AM

Meghan Gibson

Licensed Acupuncturist, Chicago, Available: Monday, Thursday PM

Massage Therapists

Meredith Nathan

Director of Massage Chicago: Monday PM , Tuesday AM, Thursday PM

Melissa Hinshaw

Licensed Massage Therapist, Chicago: Wednesday AM, Thursday AM, Friday AM & Saturday (every other)

Kristine Gaylord

Deana Burrows

Licensed Massage Therapist, Chicago: Tuesday PM, Friday PM (every other)

Mary Mitchell

Apprentice FEM Practitioner Chicago: Wednesday PM, Saturdays (every other)

Nutrition and Weight Management Experts

Margaret Eich

MS,RD National Nutritionist: Available for consults any where in the United States Available: Phone/ SKYPE Monday and Tuesday

Shawna Schwalb

MS,LDN, Chicago: Wednesday PM and 1st Saturday of the month, Highland Park: 3rd Saturday of the month

Patient Education