Acupuncture for Stress, Anxiety and Mental Function

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a mind/body medicine system that views conditions of the mind and emotions no differently than conditions like pain or headache. In all cases, TCM seeks to address the root cause of the condition a person is experiencing. The core TCM techniques – acupuncture, Chinese herbs and lifestyle recommendations – have been shown to be effective in alleviating depression, reducing anxiety and even improving cognitive function.

At Pulling Down the Moon we have extensive experience treating anxiety and depression. Our holistic approach combines acupuncture, nutrition recommendations, and often massage and yoga to support emotional health. Acupuncture for anxiety and depression can be used in conjunction with anti-depressant and other medications. Acupuncture treatment does not need to replace your current treatment. What acupuncture can do is help your body learn to relax when you cannot make it relax, improve your ability to get a good night of rest and bring you back to a state of wholeness. Furthermore, MRI studies have shown that acupuncture treatment directly stimulates parts of the brain engaged in promoting wellbeing and sense of self. It has also been shown to generate new neurons in the adult brain, improve recovery following brain injury and stroke and even help with autism and Alzheimer's Disease.

Acupuncture can be effective for:




Panic attacks

Cognitive function

Tension/stress-related headache

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

A Special Note about Anxious or Depressed Teens:

Pulling Down the Moon began 12 years ago with a focus on fertility and pregnancy. The founders are now moms of older children and teens. It is our mission to help kids feel happy, healthy and whole. Teens are experiencing anxiety and depression at rates much higher than ever before in history. Having a stressed and anxious teen takes a toll on the entire family and can remove the joy from important milestones and events.

Addressing teen anxiety and depression holistically can dramatically change your teen's life. While medical treatment and psychotherapy are an important component to helping your teen, it is equally essential to teach them how to care for themselves, how to relax, what it feels like to be rested and to get good sleep.

Acupuncture treatment may even help them with common conditions like test anxiety and cognitive/memory function.

We approach the treatment of teens gently, often using TCM techniques like acupressure and tuina (massage) to help them become comfortable with the experience of acupuncture. The insertion of needles is not painful and soon teens come to love the sense of deep relaxation that accompanies treatment.