Founded on Fertility

The original Pulling Down the Moon was founded in 2002 to help women and couples with fertility issues. The founders, who struggled with having children, finally found success through peace and balance that practicing yoga brought to their lives.

Women Helping Women

So with the intent of helping their peers, they formed Pulling Down the Moon, with a focus on yoga. Over the years, they have added acupuncture/ Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition and massage. Their copyrighted Yoga for Fertility program, and Fertility Enhancing Massage (FEM) protocol—both featured in national magazines and news programs—have had a profound effect on thousands of women. What sets Pulling Down the Moon’s programs apart is an evidence-based approach and nationally accredited methods. We strive to uphold an integrative care model, which involves a partnership with medical doctors to treat the whole person: mind, body, and spirit—an approach that is now being embraced as the standard of care.

Through All Your Life Cycles

With 14 years of working with women moving through fertility, pregnancy and post-partum issues, and onward into motherhood, menopause and other health issues, we have grown with our peer-clientèle and expanded into all women’s health issues.

Fertility, Pregnancy and Women’s Wellness

Pulling Down the Moon offers a complete range of fertility, prenatal and post-partum holistic care to help ensure you enter motherhood healthy, supported and prepared! For fertility Whether your fertility journey includes “trying naturally” or medical fertility treatment like IVF, there’s a wealth of evidence that acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as nutritional changes and supplementation, can speed a woman’s time to conception. We are experts at treating conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis and diminished ovarian reserve that negatively impact fertility. Our approach is multidisciplinary and tailored to fit your specific health history.

For Pregnancy

Our services are recommended for every trimester. Topics by trimester include:

1st Trimester: Get off to a good start by learning about the best foods to eat and the appropriate amount of weight to gain during this trimester.

2nd Trimester: Manage your weight gain, address digestive issues, help prevent gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, maintain good energy levels, and support your emotional health.

3rd Trimester: Continue to focus on great nutrition for brain development for the baby. Develop strategies for post-pregnancy nutrition, breastfeeding, and weight loss.

4th Trimester: Eating to support mood, weight loss and exercise post-birth, managing hormonal shifts, nutrition and supplementation during nursing, planning for your infant’s nutritional needs. In addition to focusing on your specific trimester, we also continue to work on overall balance and decreasing stress levels.

Family Wellness

Research suggests, and we have found, that holistic modalities can be beneficial in addressing digestive and sleep issues, stress and anxiety, aches and pains, headaches and migraines, asthma and allergies, and for immune support —in children, teens, men and women. Our centers offer a broad range of services to address all of your holistic needs. By offering acupuncture, massage, yoga and nutrition, we are able to treat the whole body.

Services Offered

Acupuncture/TCM: Our specialists offer comprehensive treatments that can include acupuncture, herbal therapy, electroacupuncture and other tools from this ancient medicine system. TCM focuses on restoring the balance and flow of life energy to bring the body into optimal health.

Therapeutic Massage: Our therapeutic massage supports relaxation, improves circulation and keeps body tissues healthy. Our massage offerings include prenatal and postpartum massage, our nationally accredited Fertility Enhancing Massage (FEM) Protocol and general therapeutic massage. Our massage therapists experience a rigorous training and apprenticeship to ensure an exceptional experience.

Nutrition Counseling: Our nutritionists offer both in-person and remote consultations that address specific health conditions, digestive issues and optimal fertility and pregnancy nutrition. Whether you want to achieve a healthy weight, heal conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or ensure the healthiest possible pregnancy, our expert nutritionists will provide expert guidance and support.

Yoga Classes: We offer an array of yoga classes, including prenatal yoga and other therapeutic sessions. Our nationally recognized Yoga for Fertility program was recently shown to reduce anxiety by 20% over the course of six weeks. Visit our website for an updated class schedule.