Pregnancy, Prenatal and Post Partum

Pulling Down the Moon offers a complete range of prenatal and post-partum holistic care to help ensure you enter motherhood healthy, supported and prepared!

Prenatal and Postpartum TCM/Acupuncture Treatment

During pregnancy, Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on the synergy between mom and baby, supporting optimal health in both. Because many women curtail the use of many medications, acupuncture fills a gap in available symptom management for common conditions including headaches/migraines, allergies and colds, muscles aches and pain. Benefits of acupuncture treatment during pregnancy include help with these common conditions:


Preventing/treating morning sickness



Back pain

Water retention



Digestive issues/constipation

Leg/muscle cramps


Muscle pain


Stress management



C-Section/delivery recovery

Insufficient lactation

Night sweats



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Prenatal Nutrition Counseling

Prenatal specialty topics include:

Supplement review – are you taking an appropriate prenatal for you?

Do you need an omega-3? What about DHA?

What nutritional supplements are beneficial or harmful during pregnancy?

What trimesters do you need additional nutrients for bone building or brain development?

Twins & Triplets Calorie and Protein Needs

Preventing preeclampsia

Incorporating nutrient-dense foods into your diet

Gaining adequate weight from your pre-pregnancy weight during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy

Preventing and/or managing gestational diabetes

Lactation nutrition & Tips for babies first foods

Our counseling growth with your pregnancy, with sessions recommended for every trimester. Topics by trimester include:

1st trimester: Get off to a good start by learning about the best foods to eat and the appropriate amount of weight to gain during this trimester.

2nd trimester: Manage your weight gain, address digestive issues, help prevent gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, maintain good energy levels, and support your emotional health.

3rd trimester: Continue to focus on great nutrition for brain development for the baby. Develop strategies for post-pregnancy nutrition, breastfeeding, and weight loss.

4th trimester: Eating to support mood, weight loss and exercise post-birth, managing hormonal shifts, nutrition and supplementation during nursing, planning for your infant’s nutritional needs.

In addition to focusing on your specific trimester, we also continue to work on digestive health, anti-inflammatory foods, blood sugar regulation and decreasing stress levels.

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Prenatal and Postpartum Massage

Prenatal Massage benefits include:

Improves circulation

Increase uterine blood supply

Decrease pain and tension

Releases endorphins and provides relaxation

Postpartum Massage benefits include

Addresses back/ neck tension from holding and feeding baby

Increases lymphatic flow

Aids in sleep

Combats post-partum stress

Promotes circulation and weight loss

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