Service Pricing


Initial Acupuncture/TCM Consultation


At this 90 minute Initial Acupuncture Consultation our practitioner will begin with a consultation that covers your medical history and treatment goals and then conduct an assessment using TCM techniques including feeling the pulse, examining the tongue and asking other specific questions. After this assessment you will receive acupuncture treatment. The session ends with a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific condition. If applicable you may receive herbal recommendations and referral for other specific services (therapeutic nutrition counseling, yoga, massage) that may benefit your health goals.

Acupuncture/TCM Follow-Up Sessions


Your follow-up sessions include a chance to check-in with your practitioner, who will again assess pulse and tongue, and continue working on your health goal. It is your time to rest, restore and continue on the path to wellness. Based on this meeting your practitioner may add or change any herbal formulas, introduce other treatments such as moxa, cupping and/or gentle massage.

5 pack follow up visits - $425

10 pack follow up visits - $800 (payment plan available)

20 pack follow up visits - $1,440 (payment plan available)


Nutrition Coaching Session

$125/60 minute

At this one-on-one session you will receive condition-specific nutrition coaching designed to help your reach your health goals. You will leave with an eating plan, a sense of what, if anything, is suggested in terms of nutritional supplements and a partner in helping your achieve your goals.

First Follow-Up Visit

$85/45 minutes

Additional Follow-Ups

$75/ 30 minutes

20 minute supplement consultation
$25/ 20 minutes

Have questions on what supplements and their dosages you should be taking? Our Nutritionists can answer your questions during this 20 min phone/ or video conference consultation with our Nutritionist.


Fertility Enhancing Massage (FEM) and 5- Body

$125/ 60 min session

FEM Protocol (5 sessions) - $550

Fertility Boost

$95/ 50 min

Prenatal Massage

$95/ 60 min

140/ 90 min

3 - pack - 60 min sessions - $255

Postpartum Massage

$95/ 60 min

140/ 90 min

3 - pack - 60 min sessions - $255

Therapetic Massage

$95/ 60 min

$140/ 90 min

3 - pack - 60 min sessions - $255


Yoga for Fertilty 6 week class - $210

Online Yoga for Fertility 6 week class - $110

Prenatal yoga 4 week class - $60

Combo Packages:

10 acupuncture follow up and 5 FEM Massage - $1,145 (payment plan available)

20 acupuncture follow up visits and 5 FEM Massage - $1,765 (payment plan available)