Stress and Anxiety Management

Stress and anxiety have become increasingly prevalent in our society, but that doesn't mean we should take it lightly or dismiss it as something that we need to "grin and bear." Just like our finances and how we spend our time, stress and anxiety need to be managed. Without proper management, our reserves get depleted (like a bank account) and before we know it, we may be in crisis mode with an inability to cope.

Research has shown that people who have high levels of stress and anxiety are more likely to experience disrupted sleep, poor eating habits, a greater likelihood of addiction, a compromised immune system, sexual dysfunction, poor self-esteem, memory loss and irritability that can affect work/school performance and interpersonal relationships. If not kept in check, stress and anxiety can lead to full blown clinical depression or other serious health issues such as heart disease, infertility, high blood pressure, aches, pains, migraines, digestive issues, or chronic illness.

Sadly, stress and anxiety are not age discriminant. More and more children and teens are experiencing these symptoms. Because they have not yet developed tools for managing the irrational thoughts that race through their minds, it can become a crippling experience that not only affects the kids and teens, but the whole family. Failing grades or disinterest in school or athletics, feelings of failure and isolation, self-loathing, rebellion or parental blame, and the need for control are commonly seen in kids with an inability to manage their stress.

Pulling Down the Moon's mission is to provide its patients with tools for healing on a very deep and personal level. Acupuncture/acupressure , yoga , and therapeutic massage have all been shown to decrease stress and lower cortisol levels. Our practitioners are experts in helping adults and kids manage the symptoms of stress and anxiety through an individualized treatment plan designed especially for the patient. In fact, stress and anxiety are the single most common ailment we treat at Pulling Down the Moon.

Our hope is that we can provide patient relief early in the process before medical and pharmaceutical interventions become the only options. For those who are already working with medical doctors, we work to integrate holistic therapies seamlessly into your western medicine protocols. In this way, Pulling Down the Moon's natural recipe for stress reduction is truly holistic.

Let us help you create health in your life. Every day counts!