Hi! I actually wanted to let you know that I’m pregnant! I had taken your yoga for fertility class back in May-June and then I went through IVF in the late July/early August timeframe. Fortunately it worked and I’m now about 11 1/2 weeks along so almost into the second trimester. I’m now seeing my regular OB/GYN and had my last appt at FCI in mid-September. I really believe that your class helped me and I got so much out of it – I’ve been recommending it to lots of people too!

I just wanted to say Thank You for teaching the yoga classes at Pulling Down the Moon! I have had many different yoga teachers and you have been my favorite! Thanks for sharing your laughter and smiles with us. You do a wonderful job of creating healing energy in the room. Pulling Down the Moon is such an amazing place with such a calming presence for me. They, and all the women who take classes there, are lucky to have you.

I have really enjoyed the current class and really look forward to it. It’s like two hours of solace for me. I had miscarried two weeks before the class started and wasn’t really looking forward to opening up and talking about my experience. Perhaps that’s why I was so overly emotional on the first day and I just kept telling myself “I’m not ready to talk about this, I’m just not ready”. But opening up that first day was what I really needed. It increases the load that one carries if you keep it all in. I wish I had started the class when I began my first two cycles, perhaps it would have made coping with the experience a lot easier – and I would have found a better outlet than eating my sorrows away on a Portillo’s hot dog, fries and vanilla shakes!

My husband and I have been posted abroad so I am dealing with IF from afar with fewer resources and support. It has been challenging, but I was thrilled when I saw your book on the bookshelf and have been following some of the suggestions. Please tell the authors that the Moon Salute sequence is being practiced virtually every day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! Even though I have been practicing yoga, doing acupuncture and herbs and changing my diet for over a year now, the book has been tremendous helpful in giving fertility-specific advice which I have not found anywhere else. I have found this book to be invaluable.

My twins were born 3/25/09, thanks in part to IVF at FCI and the wonderful caring treatment I received at your office (Lots of Accupunture with Lisa, a few appointments with Yong, Yoga for Fertility class last August with Jenilyn, massages with Meredith and Nutritional advice from Lauren). Everyone on staff is so well versed in the fertility issues and treatments and completely upbeat and positive in what is a very dark time for so many of us. I can’t say enough about how much I learned and, more importantly, appreciated the emotional support and understanding I received at PDtM. I’ve recommened it to about a million people. THANK YOU!!

You would be so proud of me, my sister was sharing how stressed she has been so I told her about my yoga practice and meditation and how life changing it was, so I think I have her sold. Who would have thought, me spreading the good news of yoga…Thought that would make you smile.

I really do think the whole ‘protocol’ at PDTM made the difference this time. I can’t thank you enough for having the vision to have started that wonderful place!

You are doing such impactful work with Pdtm. The class, the nutritionist, the massages – they all helped immensely. Thank you for creating such a special place.

I am also happy to report that my test came back positive as well! I know that this positive first step is due to our class and to all of the other phenomenal support services at Pulling Down The Moon.

First, let me thank you for recommending the yoga class. It has been such a positive experience – a safe place where I have bonded with others in a similar situation. Very calming and combined with the acupuncture, diet and massage – I’m in a much better place.

I am at the 5 month period now and go in for my 20 week ultrasound next Monday. It’s not easy doing this when you’re old, but I am so grateful to even have this opportunity. I credit so much to the Moon, and thank you and everyone I’ve worked with for the support and kindness. I still meet with 3 members of my yoga group every month to catch up. It has been wonderful.

I absolutely think that I wouldn’t have made it into the hands of the right doctors had it not been for your advice. Every time I have felt defeated by this process, Anna and the rest of your staff has always brought me right back to a positive place full of hope. I know it’s still very early in my pregnancy, but I will be forever grateful for the Pulling Down the Moon family. I definitely still plan on continuing with acupuncture throughout the pregnancy and am excited to share this part of our journey to parenthood with Anna and the rest of your team. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I have been to a total of 4 acupuncturists now and I find that my one session with you all far surpassed any other treatment that I had received. In my short time there, I just felt like the people that I dealt with “got it”, if that makes sense. Pulling Down the Moon knows and understands what those of us who are going through infertility are dealing with.