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"You are doing such impactful work with PDtM. The class, the nutritionist, the massages – they all helped immensely. Thank you for creating such a special place."

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Nutritional Supplements for Egg Quality

Consultations available anywhere in the United States via phone and video call with expert, fertility-specific nutritionists.

The web is full of confusing information about how certain supplements might be beneficial for fertility and how others might not be. It's enough to make a girl go crazy! Pulling Down the Moon has been working with medical doctors for over a decade and keeping up with the latest research and literature regarding this emerging field. We are familiar with nutritional protocols for many of the top fertililty doctors around the country and have the ability to custom create a program for you that is specific to your diagnosis and medical treatment needs. Of course you should always speak to your doctor before starting any supplement regimen, but you can feel confident that the recommendations made by our Registered Dieticians have been vetted by top docs and are based on the latest research out there in the medical community. In some cases, there is insufficient evidence to make a claim that certain supplements can indeed help egg quality or fertility, however, if we make a recommendation to you it could be based on the 12-years of anecdotal evidence we have accumulated in treating patients with conditions similar to your own. In either case, we make recommendations based on real data.
We feel the best nutrition comes from the high quality foods you eat and that should always be your first consideration when trying to conceive, but our analysis has shown that even the best eaters with the best nutrition habits likely fall short in obtaining all the nutrients necessary to make a difference in their fertility and egg quality. Click here to see how even those with outstanding diets might be falling "fertility short."
Let our experts help you clean out the supplement clutter in your cabinet and replace it with high quality supplements that have been shown to make a difference. The first step is simply scheduling a 20-minute phone or in-person consultation with one of our dieticians. It could be the best $25 you ever spend and may save you money in the long run when you stop buying things that likely won't make a difference.
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If you are interested in further exploring nutrition for fertility, you can also set-up an initial consultation for a full intake and assessment ($125.00). At Pulling Down the Moon, we focus on five main objectives when it comes to nutrition for fertility:
1. Nourish the body with high-quality, nutrient dense foods.
2. Reduce toxic burden (alcohol, refined sugar, sweeteners)
3. Enhance the body’s natural detoxification process
4. Identify and eliminate food intolerances (particularly for recurrent m/c)
5. Identify which nutritional supplements may be appropriate for you.
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