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iRest for Fertility

by Ellen MacGran

Each of us has great inner wealth – an abundance of wisdom, joy and peace.  How can we become more present to this in our daily lives?

After years of exploring meditation practices in search of greater access to this inner treasure, I found Beth Heller’s weekly iRest class at my gym.  The practice brought a deep sense of peace and relaxation from the very beginning.  iRest is short for Integrative Restoration and is based on the ancient practice of yoga nidra.

As I experienced the benefits of the practice, my commitment deepened and I decided to make iRest a bigger part of my life.  I enrolled in the certification process led by Richard Miller, the developer of the protocol and Beth’s teacher.  Richard, a clinical psychologist and spiritual teacher, has demonstrated the benefits of iRest in numerous clinical studies, showing its effectiveness in addressing various conditions such as PTSD, anxiety and sleep disorders. Participants using the iRest protocol have reported many benefits including decreased insomnia, reduced depression and anxiety, improved interpersonal relationships and a greater sense of ease in daily life.

In the two-hour workshop at Pulling Down the Moon, you will receive a brief history and overview of the iRest protocol, and a 60-minute iRest practice session giving participants a real sense of the practice’s power.  Bringing this practice to your community, which is already committed to holistic health and well-being, is an honor and a privilege.

Here’s what to expect from an iRest practice:

  • The practice is done lying down in a comfortable position on a yoga mat, with blankets and bolsters to support your body
  • The teacher will guide you through an exploration of your physical body, breath and thought patterns
  • The process is deeply relaxing and restorative – and you may even fall asleep!
  • Perfect for folks who think they can’t meditate
  • The practice is a wonderful way for partners to share a program of relaxation together
  • iRest has been shown to reduce the severity of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in military vets.  Experiences like miscarriage, child loss and even failed cycles can create lasting emotional scars and iRest can help manage and release these negative experiences.

Learn more about iRest research here.

iRest and Fertility

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I look forward to the workshop on Saturday, September 26.