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Quick Tip – Eating Out

By Breea Johnson, MS RD LDN

Eating out at restaurants can be especially challenging when you are trying to eat well for fertility. Try these three easy tips to make better choices at restaurants.

1. Review the menu ahead of time (if possible) and decide what you are going to eat so you make the best “nutrition decision” when you order. If you leave your decision to the last minute and are “starving” by the time you have to order you are more likely to order the less nutritious option.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for changes when you eat out. Do you want broccoli instead of French fries? Or tomato slices instead of hash browns? Greens instead of bread? You can add vegetables to almost anything and most restaurants are happy to accommodate you.  A Pulling Down the Moon nutritionist can help you learn which foods are best for your fertility so you can even optimize your meal with a fertility-friendly choice.

3. Avoid the salad trap – a lot of salads aren’t very nutritious and instead of loaded with lots of high calorie and low nutrition toppings. Does it have chopped vegetables? Protein? Nutrient dense toppings? An olive-oil based dressing? Make sure to check first.  In addition, salads can be “cold” and in many traditional medicine systems (Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda), eating cold foods are thought to dampen the digestive fire and potentially decrease fertility.