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Anna’s News: How Soon is Too Soon to Try for #2?


This question comes up quite a bit in my practice.  According to my knowledge and experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) I recommend our patients wait at least one year after the arrival of the first baby, in order for the body to be healthy and ready to conceive again. Strengthening the body during this period will consist of enriching the “jing” (essence), “yin” (nourishing fluids), and “blood”, according to TCM medical theory, all of which had been greatly depleted at the time of labor and delivery.  These are the three primary substances which nourish the follicles in order to produce better quality eggs, and in the end another healthy baby.  The patient should start acupuncture again (with herbal therapy if they are not going through a medicated fertility treatment cycle) to nourish the jing, yin, and blood.

I had a recent conversation with Dr. Brian Kaplan, a reproductive endocrinologist we greatly respect and work very closely with, about this subject.  His recommendation to his patients was similar to mine, which was to wait at least 8 months to a year before trying to conceive again.

Ultimately we work with the patient’s comfort level and the doctor’s recommendation as to how soon after a patient waits to try to conceive a second baby. Combing Western and Eastern medicine for our patient’s benefit is the ideal way to practice and it’s how we practice at Pulling Down the Moon.  My philosophy has always been integrating both medical theories and practices to arrive at a superior medical treatment plan.

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