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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Infertility

Dr. Chris Sipe of Fertility Centers of Illinois gave a great talk on Infertility Prevention at last night’s STEP UP event.   He provided a “Top 10 List” of the best  ways to avoid infertility.  We thought we’d pass them along.

1.  Don’t wait

2. Don’t wait

3.  Don’t wait

4.  Don’t wait

5.  Practice safe sex

6.  Healthy lifestyle (normal weight, exercise, healthy diet)

7.  Yearly doctor visits (health maintenance, vaccines and disease treatment)

8.  Know your family medical history (see our blog on PCOS and your mom)

9.  Pick the right guy (unhealthy men have lower sperm counts!)

10.  Don’t wait…but if you’re going to wait, consider fertility preservation.

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