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Tea…for Two? (We Hope!)

We love tea. From the earliest conception (pun intended) of Pulling Down the Moon, we knew that we wanted a cozy tea room where people could sit back, relax, and let their troubles dissolve in a cup of hot tea. We soon realized that we could make our tea rooms even more special by giving our guests tea that was delicious, relaxing, and-most importantly-fertility friendly. So, we called on the expertise of our acupuncturists and designed our ARTeas that use the principles of Chinese medicine to promote fertility at different phases of your cycle. Nourish tea is great for the first part of the cycle, Ovulation Support is helpful during ART stimulation or the follicular phase, and Implantation provides uterine support and calming herbs after ovulation, insemination, or embryo transfer.* All of that and fabulous flavor, too! We’d write more about it, but it’s time for a tea break…

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