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In Their Own Words

By Beth Heller, MS RYT

It has been one of those amazing weeks where emails from past yoga students have filled my inbox.   As I read the comments of women who have taken class with me or with another of our teachers or used treatments like nutrition, fertility massage and acupuncture at Pulling Down the Moon I realize how blessed I am that this is my life’s work.

Moreover, I am drawn back to the beauty of yoga and my faith in its applicability to the fertility journey.

In a week where headlines have trumpeted the results of a meta-analysis that shows that a woman’s stress levels do not impact her odds of IVF success ( you can read an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of this study here ), I am reminded that yoga is far more than a stress-reduction technique.  From the strength and flexibility benefits gained from practicing poses, to the clarity and calm cultivated with breathing and meditation, yoga works on many different levels of being.  It invites us to step into the flow, to welcome ourselves not as we think we should be but as we really are and to embrace what we find.  Yoga engages us in the process – not just of conception – but of becoming whole.

I wanted to share some of what our students have shared because their words convey the gifts of yoga better than anything I can write.

“Because of my time at PDtM, meeting with and sharing such personal feelings with other participants, I have a kinder view of the world.  There are so many good, deserving ppl out there.  On one hand, it makes me hurt for women/couples like us when I see stories regarding children in need and think how unfair it is, but it also gives me a warm feeling to know that whatever souls end up in our care will be so loved and cherished.  The strength of ppl in our shoes continues to amaze me…Because of it I have more self-confidence and am more sure of myself in my own skin.  I know what I want and will do whatever it takes to get it.  While I realize the struggle to become parents can put a chink in the armor of marriage, I also know, first hand, that is can make a marriage stronger.”

“Everyone’s fertility journey is long, but I shall make this brief. After a miscarriage, my husband and I struggled to conceive our second child. I picked up your brochure at FCI.  I started coming to Moon in Chicago at the same time we started our relationship with FCI. When we were forced to take a month off after a failed artificial insemination, we conceived spontaneously…I truly believe that the acupuncture, your yoga dvd (my schedule didn’t allow me to come for the class), the meditation, the holistic vitamins…everything…helped us conceive our lil’ boy.  I think, most importantly, I felt empowered by these new practices and lifestyle changes. Western technology is amazing, but it puts the power in drugs, in ultrasounds. Moon provides a healing, grounded environment to come, breathe and gain strength in your body, in your spirit and in your mind.”

“I came to the doorstep of Pulling Down the Moon’s Yoga for Fertility Class in a very dark place. After two IVF cycles that both ended in miscarriage I needed to find a space in my life where I could not only  link up with supportive women who had similar experiences to mine but  a space where I could learn a Yoga and meditative practice to help my  body and mind heal. This is exactly what I found! This class gave me  the support and the tools I needed through Yoga with a community of  women to move onto to the next thing in my fertility journey. Our  teacher Rebecca was outstanding. I would highly recommend this class  to anyone no matter what part of the fertility journey you are on.”

I hope you will join me for our upcoming Yoga for Fertility sessions beginning Sunday, March 6 from 9:30 to 11 a.m.  The class runs for six weeks (no class on April 10) unti April 17.   Click here to register, or send me an email with your any questions to