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Focusing on One’s Well Being: Putting a Stop to the Mothering

Often times when facing the fertility journey a women may feel challenged emotionally, physically and spiritually. As women, we may often take care of others before we care for our own health and well being.  It is important to take steps to be proactive in caring for yourself during your fertility journey.  Ask yourself this question, how many people in your life are you mothering? Does it benefit you? Do they really need you to mother them or is it easier to mother than to say ‘No’?

With all the energy spent mothering others what is left for you?  What if you took a step back, shifted gears and mothered yourself for a while? What would that feel like? Ask yourself how would it change your life, your time, your energy, your attitude and your body if it were all about your health and well being.

There are many ways to take steps to be proactive and care for your health and well being.

  • Listening to your body when it needs more sleep.
  • When your body needs healthy fruits and veggies for energy instead of one’s favorite candy bar.
  • Staying hydrated with water.
  •  Writing in a journal to clear one’s mind.
  •  Taking time to feel the inhale and exhale of our breath.
  •  Going for a walk or doing yoga when one is feeling stressed, to clear the energy stirring in the body.
  •  Reading positive affirmations.
  • Practicing non-judgment for yourself.

The list can go on… What would you add?

One way that “Pulling Down the Moon” can help you care for your Body, Mind and Spirit is with our “FEM Protocol Massage” package.  The Package offers four massages that focus on YOU and honor your fertility journey.  They are to be received once a week to follow along with your natural or medicated cycle.  This is the time for you to be proactive and care for yourself.  So, let go of your day, let go of your responsibilities, Breath and RECEIVE.

Dawn Butler, LMT