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Mindful Points to Consider for Living a Free and Healthy Lifestyle

I’m a certified yoga instructor and Director of Yoga at Pulling Down the Moon. I teach Yoga for Fertility Phases 1 & 2 and Divine Prenatal Yoga at the Chicago location. In my job as director, I’m responsible for programming and coordinating women’s health related workshops that benefit women that are trying to conceive, or any woman that wants to incorporate yoga into their daily life. I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is not just important for the body, but also for the spirit and mind. Due to the external stresses of the world we live in today, we sometimes don’t realize how much those stressors affect us internally.

Our bodies hold these “stress imprints”  physically through tense muscles, mentally by experiencing a clouded and unfocused mind, and an inner body tightness that does not allow our body to feel free and vibrant. Yoga is a wonderful healing practice to incorporate into any regimen when choosing to create a healthier lifestyle. It allows us to build a deeper connection with ourselves and listen to what our body is trying to tell us on a much deeper level.

There are many reasons to lead a healthier lifestyle, but what does that really mean? It means that we are in control of our full being and that every day is an opportunity to live the health- filled, happy life that we want. In addition to eating healthy and exercising, there are some mindful points to consider when making a change to leading a healthier life.

Consciousness . Being conscious of your actions and being in tune with your body and mind. Knowing how your decisions impact your health and how you feel. Being aware of what your body needs nutritionally and physically, and what your mind needs to be emotionally happy.

Moderation.   Not being too obsessive about your weight or your health and enjoying what you eat and the exercise that you do. Overdoing these can lead to guilt and possibly discouraging you from your healthy goal. Everything is ok when done in moderation.

Self-Love. Embracing yourself and respecting you for exactly who you are. Loving your body, believing in yourself and what you stand for.

Mind-set. Understanding that healthy living is a mindset and knowing that there isn’t a quick fix approach to good health. You are happily in it for the long run.

Rest. Getting enough sleep and rest. Not burning the candle at both ends and building in the ‘me time’ that we need and deserve.

Lifestyle change means consistency and commitment. Knowing that you are in control of your very being is empowering, fulfilling, and the best thing you can do to experience an inner body bright .

Patricia Riojas, Yoga Instructor

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