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  • What is Metabolism?

    By: Nicole Holovach, MS, RD, LDN

    When someone says the word metabolism, what comes to mind? For most people, it’s weight loss. They think of metabolism in terms of “fast” or “slow” and being able to down a pint of ice cream without gaining weight. But the ability to lose/maintain/gain weight easily is only a small part of what the word metabolism actually means.

    Metabolism: the sum total of all hormonal and metabolic processes within the body that are involved in maintaining life.

    Or in layman’s terms, how efficiently your body is functioning at a cellular level. Is your body producing enough energy to function optimally?

    So how do you boost your metabolism? Both for weight loss and in order for your body to function like it should?

    Eating enough is key. The body needs fuel as calories. I think that there is a common pattern, especially for women, to try very low-calorie diets in an effort to lose weight. The weight often comes back, often more so. Then they diet again. This “yo yo” pattern is especially hard on the metabolism. Weight loss should be slow and healthy habits maintained for life.

    In addition to low-calorie dieting, here are some other prime ways to slow your metabolism:

    • Low-carbohydrate dieting
    • Low-fat dieting
    • Low-calorie dieting
    • Other forms of restrictive dieting
    • Mental/emotional stress
    • Over-exercising
    • Insufficient sleep
    • Nutrient deficiency

    At Pulling Down the Moon, our fertility nutrition programs promote clean eating – nutrient-dense foods, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats. First Line Therapy for Fertility (FLTF), our weight loss program, promotes these same concepts along with slow weight loss. You won’t be hungry or feel deprived with any of our programs. In fact, you might be eating more that you’re used to!

    The dietitians at Pulling Down the Moon can help you find that food/calorie “sweet spot” that helps your body function optimally and if weight loss is desired, helps you lose weight in a manner conducive to fertility.

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