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Fertility-Friendly Rice Protein Shake on Sale in July – 40% off!

Rice Protein Shake

Our vanilla and chocolate flavored Rice Protein Shake mix is on sale in the month of July at 40% off. At the Moon, we recommend a moderate level of protein (about 25-30% of total calories) as protein serves as the building blocks for body tissues, and amino acids are key players in the process of hormone metabolism and liver detoxification. Protein is also essential for good reproductive function and blood sugar regulation. In addition to serving as the building blocks for body tissues, amino acids are key actors in the process of hormone metabolism and liver detoxification processes. Using a protein shake during ovarian stimulation has also been shown to limit OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome).

Many women struggle to get ample protein in their diet, especially if decreasing dairy and soy protein from their diet. Most protein powders and bars on the market are either soy or whey (dairy) – based which are potentially allergenic and may be detrimental to fertility. Rice Protein Shake is a hypoallergenic rice protein that is gluten-free, soy-free and dairy-free. We recommend using this shake in conjunction with our ART Prep/ Recovery Program or for added protein intake during ART treatment, which can place extra demands on the body.

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