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Getting Started with a Clean Eating Program in 2016

by Meghan McMillin

Feeling sluggish or bloated after the holidays? Feeling run-down and needing to recharge? Have you recently suffered a loss or failed ART cycle? If so, this may be the perfect time for you to make changes to your diet and reset your hormones and metabolism by turning the focus to “Clean Eating” in 2016.

How is clean eating different from a regular diet? Well, on some level it is related to its trendier relative the “cleanse.” But when most people hear the word cleanse, they think of deprivation; eating only cabbage soup, drinking water with cayenne pepper or juicing. When you are trying to conceive, these drastic programs are a no-no. It is essential to consume adequate calories and vital nutrients, including healthy fats, lean protein and high fiber grains. Clean Eating blends the “new leaf” feeling of a cleanse with the ultra-nutrient rich diet recommended for optimal health and fertility.

At Pulling Down the Moon we have been at the forefront of drawing the connection between fertility and nutrition, and as more and more research is published, we continue to target the specific ways in which our diet affects fertility outcomes. Four of the main objectives of our program include improving liver function, limiting inflammation, improving gut health and strengthening blood sugar control.

Our Clean Eating program begins by eliminating (or incorporating) foods that target each of these four objectives. During your cleanse you will be asked to avoid all sugar, caffeine, gluten, eggs, shellfish, processed or corn-fed meats, artificial colorings and flavorings, dairy, soy and peanuts. Simultaneously we turn the focus on towards foods that you should consume. You will be encouraged to enjoy lean protein such as chicken, salmon and grass-fed beef. You will add healthy fats including avocado, almonds and olive oil. Include fertility friendly, gluten free carbohydrates like quinoa, millet and brown rice. And of course, lots of vegetables! A typical Clean Eating jump-start lasts about two weeks, after which you will begin to add foods back in to your program with the advice of your nutritionist. During the Clean Eating period your nutritionist may also recommend a rice-based protein shake to help curb cravings, balance blood sugar and improve digestion. She will also review your current nutritional supplement program to help determine what should be added or eliminated. Clean Eating does not mean you will never eat gluten, eggs or even sweets again – many women find they are able to return to these foods in moderation while others find they feel better limiting or eliminating them on an on-going basis.

How do you know if our fertility Clean Eating program is right for you? If you have recently had a miscarriage or a failed cycle, or need to jump start weight loss, have unexplained infertility or inflammatory conditions such as IBS or PCOS our program can help prepare your body to continue on the journey towards motherhood.

Please contact Pulling Down the Moon to speak with our Fertility Nutrition Specialist to see if a Clean Eating program is right for you. In the month of January our Initial Nutrition Consultation is just $35, our New Year’s gift to you!