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  • Hands On Women’s Wisdom: The Two Week Wait

    Meredith Nathan, LMT


    We are proud to announce that Pulling Down the Moon’s FEM Protocol has been reviewed and approved by the NCBTMB (National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork). All massage therapists in the U.S. are required to complete CEUs every 2 years to maintain their licensure, and the NCBTMB determines which course work is legitimate enough to award CEUs. Pulling Down the Moon is now a NCBTMB CEU Approved Provider, and that the FEM Protocol is an approved methodology for awarding CEUs.

    Congratulations to Massage Director Meredith Nathan for her hard work and dedication to excellence!

    Like peas and carrots, stress and fertility all too often are famous friends. And for many, the most stressful time comes not during the stimulation of the follicular phase or timing intercourse to ovulation just right…it comes during the two week wait. Though the suspense of the luteal phase can be filled with anticipation, excitement, and expectancy, it can also be clouded by doubts, questions, and unknowns. Finding proactive ways to relax is extremely helpful during this time, so it’s no wonder then that so many women have the same question: is it safe to receive massage while I’m waiting to find out if I’m pregnant?

    Though many have received massage during the two week wait and ended up with healthy and successful pregnancies, the official answer is that standard, full body massage is not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy. And since the two week wait hopefully marks the beginning of your first trimester, caution should be exercised during this timeframe. Full body massage is very stimulating to the circulatory system, and just like a ship trying to dock and coming into port, a tiny embryo has the best chance of implanting in ‘still waters’, not ‘choppy seas’.

    That being said, massage can be a wonderful way to de-stress and relieve your mind from anxieties you might be facing, and could support a potential pregnancy for that reason. Here are a few tips to have a relaxing massage experience that you can rest assured will be safe:

    • avoid massage to areas that could create circulatory changes to the lower pelvic area, such as the abdomen, low back, legs, and gluts.
    • use cushioning to take pressure off the belly as you lie face down.
    • focus on relaxation zones, such as head, neck, shoulders, hands, and feet (but avoid the ankles and the sides of the heel, as these areas include points that could stimulate the uterus).
    • essential oils are fantastic, but avoid oils that could affect your hormones (for instance, lavender is a safe and effective oil to use, whereas clarysage is not).
    • light touch therapies such as craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage applied to the upper body can create profound relaxation while supporting the body’s ability to heal.

    If possible, work with a therapist that is familiar with fertility, and the type of cycle you’re in. A knowledgable therapist may even know acupressure points to help promote implantation, and will stay away from points that could deter it. And feeling confident in your therapist will ultimately allow you to relax, unwind and have a truly fantastic massage experience!