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Change the Message

Change the Message

by Melissa Hinshaw, LMT

A new year is rolling in and many of us will make a resolution or two: loose five pounds, give up dairy, hit the gym more, etc. Most of our resolutions have to do with how we want to look on the outside, both to others and ourselves or maybe how we want to feel physically. These goals we put in place can help us to feel powerful, focused, and in control. In some ways our resolutions have a punitive approach and restrictive feel to them. Often we fizzle out because they carry no real, deep meaning to us. I have an idea. It’s a new year, how about trying things in a gentle and loving way. Let’s change the negative talk that we say to ourselves. Let’s wake up in the morning and say hello to the gorgeous and special person that we are. Let’s appreciate who we are and what we go through on a daily basis: Fertility clinics, shots, meds, kids, husbands, jobs, toilets over flowing, run here, run there, no sleep and the list goes on. When was the last time you truly told your body, and your soul, “Thank you for being so amazing to help me in tackling all that I do.” I’m betting it wasn’t recently!

Not too long ago I challenged myself to do just that. I was inspired by one of my sisters, an 85 year old client who shares stories and wisdom every time I see her. We were talking about the stresses of life, being a woman doing all that we do and enduring all that we endure. I commented that I wished I could do more, be a better mother and a better person and have fewer wrinkles. I was feeling down on myself. She told me that I needed to rise out of myself and look down on the person I was being so critical of. “Look at all she does. She never stops and she never complains. She needs to be loved and appreciated from within. That is where her power will rise from.”

I wasn’t quite sure how to do this, but I knew she was right. I needed to stop picking at myself and being so negative toward my body and my spirit and start loving myself up instead. I started by waking in the morning and looking in the mirror. I decided to change the message from, “Oh god I look like death!” to “Good morning beautiful!” Any critical thoughts that poked their heads were immediately replaced with a compliment or a positive statement about me. I felt a little like a walking affirmation book but the truth is, it was working. I gave my critical voice a vacation and I started to see and feel changes… at least I thought I did. My days were happier. I felt more grounded. I had more energy. I felt pride in myself and what I was doing. I felt more joy and could pass this along to my family. I would even venture to say the wrinkles softened a bit and I saw myself as pretty, instead of drab.

So my sisters, now is the time when I challenge you try a new message in the new year. Shake the negativity and try and see yourself in a new light. Try it for a week and see how you feel. Take a chance on telling your physical vessel and your soul what they mean to you and how grateful you are that they support you every second of every day. Be gentle with yourself and as cheesy as it sounds, love yourself by sending comforting and positive vibes to YOU. This could be one of the best gifts you give yourselves and in turn you can share it with others. You are amazing and beautiful…we all see it, now it’s your turn.

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