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  • Does your Nutritionist Specialize in Fertility and Pregnancy?

    Does your Nutritionist Specialize in Fertility and Pregnancy?

    by Margaret Eich, MS, RDN

    Does your nutritionist specialize in fertility and pregnancy? At Pulling Down the Moon, our licensed dietitian nutritionists specialize in helping clients adjust their diet to maximize fertility and promote a healthy pregnancy. This requires advanced training in how specific nutrients, nutrient deficiencies, foods, dietary patterns, and macronutrients affect fertility. The sheer volume of information available on the internet and in books can be quite overwhelming and isn’t always reliable. Your Pulling Down the Moon nutritionist can help you sort out the facts from the myths and help you hone in on the habits that will be most likely to positively impact your fertility.

    The second piece of what we do as nutritionists is not only providing you with information, but also with assistance with implementation. Sometimes we know what we need to do, but we struggle to do it on a consistent basis, because we’re busy with the many obligations of modern life. Your nutritionist can help you prioritize and set goals and provide you with support in reaching those goals. Often having a partner to provide support, accountability, ideas, and recipes can make a world of difference.

    Beyond optimizing nutrition when trying to conceive, did you know that we also work with women in optimizing their nutrition during pregnancy for the healthiest outcome possible for mother and baby? During pregnancy, the requirement for many nutrients goes up and eating nutrient dense food is more important than ever, during a time when there may be pregnancy side effects making healthy certain foods you used to love less appealing. Keeping your weight gain within guidelines may also help prevent gestational diabetes and the need for a C-section. If you’re struggling with gaining enough weight or are a vegetarian and vegan, we can help assist you in ensuring you’re meeting your nutrient needs and the baby’s. Pregnancy is also a great time to work on your relationship with food, since parents’ habits and relationship with food often get passed on to their children

    Thinking of trying out a nutrition appointment? Now is a great time, as initial nutrition consultations are 20% off in the month of March for National Nutrition Month.

  • Visualize the Perfect Nest Inside Your Body

    Visualize Your Nest

    by Melissa Hinshaw, LMT

    I feel the need to start this article by saying that it is such an honor to work with, support, and touch such fabulous women. I consider every one of you who lay on my massage table to be one of my sisters. I care about you in that moment and I care about your future and your dreams. I feel safe in saying that that’s how we all feel at The Moon; we are not only dedicated, but we are connected.

    So, what can I offer my sisters today? I am going to share something that I’ve shared with many of you while lying on the massage table, or while having tea in the waiting room. I am hoping that this article will allow me to reach those of you who I haven’t met at the center and even those of you who haven’t visited Pulling Down the Moon…yet! I want to talk about the power of thought, the power of visualization. For those of you who know me, you know what comes next…I want you to start to visualize your nest.

    For the many women who are on the complicated and calendar-packed fertility journey, and for my sisters who are trying to conceive naturally, I understand that life is busy. It’s too busy. You may be thinking ‘how can I add one more, “to do” to my day?’ This one is easy, it takes only one minute, you can do it anywhere, it is powerful, and it is FREE!

    I believe in the power of visualizing what we want. I do it all the time and especially when I have something important in my life that I need to tackle or when I am ready for and need something life altering to take place. Just try this one please. Anything is possible.

    Every day I want you to picture the perfect nest inside of your body. I’m talking about your uterus of course, but I want you to take it further, far beyond the pear shaped organ inside of your body. Image a wonderful and magical place for your baby. Is it feathery, or like a cabin? Is it dark and quiet like a cave or does it look like a room full of windows and sunshine? What about the smell? Does it smell like cinnamon rolls or moss or flowers or even your home as a child? I want you to include what it sounds like inside your nest. Does it sound like water or waves or like crickets chirping in the woods? Is there music playing…maybe a lullaby or simply the soft even beat of a heart? Try to feel what it feels like inside of this heavenly place. It is safe and warm and beautiful. You must leave no detail out of this vision. Every detail matters and your nest could change from day to day. The important thing is that you picture and feel it and know that it is safe.

    That is my homework for all of you. Take the minute each day, place your hands on your tummy and dream away. This is more than positive thinking, it is truly letting the universe know what you see, what you want, and what you are ready for. I hope I’ve connected with my sisters on this one. Now, please connect with yourself.