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The Most Wonderful Time…

The most wonderful time of the year…so nostalgic…so many memories…so much celebration…and so much stress!

Financial stress, shopping stress, calorie stress, and in some cases, emotional stress. Though this is a time that much loved family comes together, it can also be a time to get repeatedly grilled by nosey relatives (’So…don’t you think it’s time you and your sweetie started having some kids?’) And getting together with extended family can also become a reminder of currently unfulfilled desires to create your own. When you’re trying to keep your fertility journey close to the chest, it’s common to feel alone even in the midst of dozens of people.

If you’ve got the holiday blues, here are a few helpful hints to keep your spirits high during the next 30 days:

Give yourself permission: Acknowledge how you’re feeling. Find someone you can share your heart with, whether a partner, a close friend, or even a journal. Though you don’t want to wallow in them, once you’ve voiced those negative thoughts, they tend not to have as much power over you.

Focus on the future: Where do you see yourself in 12 months? Will your relationship be thriving? Will you be professionally happy? Will you have a growing family of your own? Having a vision for the upcoming year can help you get past the stumbling blocks of today.

Focus on others: Are there other people or communities you could support during this time? Oftentimes, helping others solve their problems is an effective way to get a little relief from our own.

Be realistic: Nobody’s holiday is picture perfect, though the seasonal movies we watch might convince us that they should be. Enjoy the moments that are precious, and have a sense of humor about the ones that aren’t.

Maintain healthy habits (but give yourself a few allowances): You’ve worked hard to achieve the health and wellness you now possess, and should enjoy the way your body feels when you treat it well! That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cookie or slice of pie – just be intentional about what you say ‘yes’ to, and really enjoy those bites!

Find a few ways to pamper yourself: In addition to those few delicious treats, find ways to really nurture your mind, spirit, and body. Schedule a date night, take a yoga class, or book a massage. Give yourself some things on the calendar to look forward to that can help fill up your emotional tank! Finding small ways to thank and honor yourself can give you the reserves to really enjoy (and not just survive) the most wonderful time of the year!

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