Helena Para, Licensed Acupuncturist

Helena Para

Helena Para is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine on a mission to help patients overcome their obstacles to health using East Asian medicine. After completing a Bachelor of Science in molecular and cellular biology at the University of Illinois Champaign, she decided to leave western medicine in favor of alternative healthcare. Having seen family members struggle with autoimmune disease, stress and depression, she knew there had to be better options for patients who did not respond favorably to medication. Once she found Chinese medicine, it was obvious this was the strongest way to impact people’s quality of life and give them the tools to self heal. She earned a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine as well as Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Chicago.

Dr. Helena Para treats a wide range of disease with a special focus on mental and emotional health particularly as it pertains to women’s health and fertility. She also works in rheumatology treating inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disease. Helena strives to provide her patients with safe and effective healthcare options that are natural and free of dangerous side effects.

Dr. Helena Para is a native Chicagoan, she lives in the southwest suburbs where she enjoys baking, spending time outdoors with her dogs and biking. Helena and her husband frequently visit their second home in southern Poland where they enjoy hiking, traveling and reconnecting with nature.

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