Alison Lautz, Yoga Instructor

In her role as a Medical Social Worker (LCSW) at Northwestern Medicine, Alison works with women in all phases of the perinatal period from conception to delivery, helping them gain peace and stress relief through this big life transition. She has found that yoga can improve and soothe the mind and body during these often stressful times. As a figure skater and runner growing up, Alison first fell in love with the stretching and flexibility that yoga provided her sore muscles and joints. Soon after her consistent practice began, she recognized a deeper mind/body connection that had occurred on her mat. Alison is CorePower yoga trained with her 200 hour Power (RYT) and an additional Yoga Sculpt certification. She has a new passion for Trauma Informed Yoga and has started to attend trainings to become more comfortable in this special niche of teaching. When Alison is not on her mat or at work, she enjoys traveling to spots off the beaten path, hiking, spinning, trying all the amazing food that Chicago has to offer, and cuddling with her lazy English bulldog. At her classes you will find mindful breath work, an intricate flow, and will hopefully will leave her classes feeling a little bit lighter and smiling. Alison loves sharing ideas and practices for self-care, both off and on the mat, helping each of us to become the best version of ourselves.

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