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How Creativity Supports Fertility

Let It Be Written…or painted…or cooked…or danced….

Hmm… can I really start this blog by talking about life energy and chakras?  What the heck.   I’ll give it a try.

In yoga, we talk a lot about life energy, or prana.  Prana is life force that illuminates us.  When we’re happy and peaceful, we bring more prana in to our body, when we’re stressed we “leak” prana through obsessive thought and negative emotion.  When we die, prana leaves the body completely.  It’s a pretty simple concept.

Yoga also comes with a full system of energy anatomy.  There are nadis , or channels, through which prana flows, that are analogous to nerves in our Western anatomical systems, and chakras , or wheels, that are analogous to nerve plexuses.  Chakras regulate and direct the flow of life energy in our body.  In the yoga energy system, the flow of energy can be affected by physical, emotional and spiritual conditions.  Seven main chakras are located along the spine, each associated with specific physical functions and psycho/emotional life lessons.   In this system, as we evolve physically, emotionally and spiritually our bodies are able to work more effectively with life energy.

So, what does all this have to do with creativity…or fertility for that matter?  Well, creativity happens to be the life lesson associated with the second chakra – and the second chakra is associated with the function of our uterus and ovaries (and the testes in men).   While the best strategy for fertility is to balance overall chakra function, we can deeply stimulate and open our second chakra with creative persuits – dancing, painting, cooking…and writing.  There!  Now I’ve gotten to the point…or at least closer.

If you’re struggling with infertility, this does not necessarily mean that your second chakra is blocked.  However, the process of infertility does take the wind out of the creative sails pretty quickly.  At Pulling Down the Moon, we recommend that women find a creative outlet during this process to prevent the second chakra from becoming stagnant.  There’s something about the fertility process that makes us want to pour every last drop of our energy into the act of creating a baby.  When success doesn’t come easily, we continue to pour.

Here’s a yoga secret.  Life energy flows better when me make space for it.  In our hatha yoga classes, we stretch tight muscles in order to allow for prana to fully saturate our tissues.   The more space we make, the more energy we hold which in turn makes us healthier, happier and more whole.  For the second chakra to glow and shine, it needs an outlet for creation.  When begin to pour the energy of infertility into new creations we become alive with creative energy.

I’ve written about my own experiences of grief and healing through creation elsewhere.   I (and the other readers of this blog) would love to hear yours.  Have you started a new hobby, taking a creative outlet in your life to another level, or found out something new about yourself because of the fertility journey?  If so, leave a comment and share your story.   If you haven’t found your creative outlet yet we invite you to attend our upcoming Journaling Your Fertility Journey workshop at our DC Metre/Shady Gove location with Jenny Rough , freelance writer and writing teacher, about journaling the fertility journey.   Jenny has written extensively about her own fertility journey for magazines including, Yoga Journal and her work has been featured on NPR.

Be Present, Be Positive…Create!  Beth

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