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Why I Teach

I am very excited today because I just decided to teach a One Day Fertility Yoga Retreat  in our Chicago location on July 18 .  It’s been a couple of months since I’ve taught a class, largely because we have such amazing teachers (like Jenliyn Francis, Sara Shelley and Jeni O’Keefe) in all our locations.  Yet, I wouldn’t miss this opportunity for anything.

First, teaching yoga, especially at Pulling Down the Moon, grounds and centers me.  For those of you who know my story, you know fertility struggles shaped and directed my life in ways I could never have imagined.  I love sharing in the raw energy of transformation that women bring with them to our yoga class.   As I teach the healing model that frames our yoga I’m also continually struck by its applicability to every challenge in our lives, not just infertility.  Each story I hear is moving and each personality so different that I always walk away a bit transformed myself.   Above all, I love it when I see our students exchange emails (mine included!) at the end of class and make dates for future get-togethers.  The only rough part of teaching is having to shoo my students out of the tea room after class.  I know they’d stay there for hours if they could.  Luckily, it’s summer and our Chicago space is right on the river so taking the chat outside and up the riverwalk to Japonais is always a possibility.

So why am I blogging this?  Well, I think it’s to share my excitement and let you all know that my heart is still very present with our mission.   Even though my fertility struggles are over, my love of the journey is still very fresh.  If you have any questions about our yoga class or this retreat, feel free to contact me directly at .   I’m totally looking forward to it.

If this retreat doesn’t work for you or is out of your financial reach, we do have a Fully Fertile book group starting in July as well .  This is a free, peer-led book group that meets for thirteen weeks at PDtM’s River North location to work through the holistic plan for fertility described in our book, Fully Fertile.

I hope that summer brings you joy, peace and +++ experiences this summer.  Peace, Beth