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Acupuncture and Miscarriage Prevention

by Pamela Policastro, L.Ac.

Miscarriage is the result of many possible factors during pregnancy.  These include genetic factors, environmental factors, circulatory factors, and immunologic factors.  Many of these conditions are a result of subtle imbalance within a very delicate internal environment.  Since acupuncture is used to bring the body back to balance, it is able to contribute to the prevention of miscarriage.  There are benefits to having acupuncture during each trimester of pregnancy.

During the first trimester acupuncture is used  to help prevent miscarriage and provide a stabilizing effect on the pregnancy, balance the endocrine system,  and regulate hormones.  Acupuncture helps to minimize nausea, morning sickness, fatigue, migraines, bleeding and spotting.

During the second trimester , acupuncture is used to regulate the digestive, nervous, and endocrine systems, all of which are necessary to maintain a healthy pregnancy.  Acupuncture helps to alleviate heart burn, hemorrhoids, edema, elevated blood pressure, and stress.

During the third trimester, acupuncture is used to regulate to musculoskeletal system to provide relief from sciatica, backache, pubic and joint pain, and carpel tunnel syndrome.  Treatment during this trimester also encourages the proper positioning of the baby for birth and helps normalize labor.  Research shows that women who use acupuncture experience shorter labor times with fewer complications, reduced rate of caesarean, and less need for the use of oxytocin, pain medications and epidurals.