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Postdiluvian PDtM – A Flood Update

My horoscope for July 24 read:

“Gigantic waves of slowly unfolding change reach the shores of our awareness today as expansive Jupiter forms a stressful, yet creative, square with transformational Pluto.”

Do ya think?  I awoke at 6 a.m. the morning of July 24 to multiple messages on my cell phone from our Ops manager Bill Sviatko with news that the Chicago River had overflowed its banks and flooded our River North Center at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning.  When I called him back he sounded good, things were under control, and they’d been wet-vacuuming since building security called him at 3 a.m.  We should be ready for patients by 8 a.m.

As I hopped in the car I was annoyed that a precious Saturday morning with my family was about to be sabotaged by work.  Little did I know that by the time I would arrive at the Moon, 200+ flood relief workers would be swarming the river walk, with the devastating news that due to water damage our space (and that of our doctor partners next door at FCI) would have to be completely refurbished…to the tune of several months of work.  Suddenly what started as an intrusion into my Saturday morning had morphed into – what did my horoscope call it? – gigantic waves of slowly unfolding change?  A few minutes later my business partner Tami Quinn rolled in with her husband Brian.  Now Tami and I have shared many things – and potentially even many lives – together, but this was disaster on a biblical scale!

We had 15 patients on the book for the next day…many preparing for an IVF or IUI who absolutely needed to be seen.  By 8 a.m. we were asking ourselves whether it was too early to call the OBGyn practice upstairs ( Northwestern Specialists for Women ) to see if we could live with them for at least a few days.  Amazingly, their Operations Manager picked up her cell phone when I called and said that her doctors would be happy to help us out during the transition.  Tami and I then took off looking for temporary space where the Moon could live on a longer-term basis since the news from the river walk was getting grimmer by the moment.  No contamination, but a whole lot of water damage that would require remediation.  Much of our earthly possessions were lost, too!

Our earthly possessions out on the River Walk post-flood

Sunday  morning we saw all of our patients without a  hitch – if you are looking for an OB you should really check out their beautiful offices and wonderful docs – in the NSW space .  The doctors and staff at NSW graciously hosted us for a full week!   During that time we frantically searched for a temporary space and ended up with an urban loft in River North – and feverishly set about giving our community a new home at 216 W. Ohio, just blocks from the Brown and Red line, with cheap parking next door and a lot of potential to be fun and funky.

Potential is one thing, achieving that potential is another all together.  Unfortunately, the week following the flood I had to leave for vacation with my family on a 10 day odyssey to California that had been planned for months.  Despite all the drama, Tami (my amazing business partner) insisted I go.

We spend a lot of time at the Moon teaching our students and patients to try to stay in the present moment and not project their fears and emotions onto the future.  Going on vacation was just about the last thing I felt like doing in the midst of all that was happening at the Moon.  For this reason, my time away was a practice in several basic yoga tenets.   Since holding on to the Moon’s turmoil would have been entirely unproductive, I chose specific, limited times during the week to check my email and Tami and I spoke by phone just two times.  Between these periods of contact I used breath and meditation to watch myself panic and observe all the doom scenarios that my mind wanted to project onto the future.  It wouldn’t be honest to say that I didn’t experience true waves of panic – but I did choose to trust that the universe would support Pulling Down the Moon and help us not only survive this disaster but grow and learn in the process.  I was blessed by the amazing dedication of the staff and my trust in Tami.  I also knew that when I returned I would need to be “on” 200%!  So, I focused on my family, my yoga and giving myself some pure time off.

Imagine my surprise when I got home…This is what I found:

Beautiful, urban-hip temporary digs

Gorgeous urban-hip loft space…Thank you, thank you, thank you to all PDtM staff and practitioners who worked so hard to make this happen!

If you haven’t visited our temporary offices we hope you will come in for a class, a treatment or a free seminar.  If you’re a current patient or student who loves Pulling Down the Moon and our community, please tell a friend about us.   Obviously our specialty is fertility and pregnancy, but our practitioners are incredibly gifted and can treat pain, digestive issues, PMS, migraines, and other chronic health problems.

As we continue to make adjustments to our temporary home, our chant is truly WE ARE HAPPY, WE ARE HEALTHY, WE ARE HOLY.  And, we are grateful for all the patience and support we have received from patients and students who love our community as much as we do!  Shanti, Beth

Natural light and exposed brick invite peace

Jenny and Bill welcome patients to our new nest