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Heart-Opening Meditation

We feel so much better when we are able to love.  Reserarch shows that people in community tend to live longer and enjoy better health than those who live in isolation.  Yet fertility challenges can be deeply isolating. This simple meditation can open and energize the heart center, rekindling our ability to give and receive love:

Sit with a straight spine (either cross-legged on the floor or in a chair with a straight back, feet in contact with the floor) and close your eyes.  Breathe quietly in and out of your nose for a few minutes.

Bring your awareness to the heart center and notice any sensation there.  Perhaps there’s a sense of constriction, or alternatively, a feeling of warmth and expansion.  Observe without judging.

The meditation continues in three phases:

May I dwell in the awakened heart.
As you repeat these words silently to yourself, feel your heart center waking up.  Visualize a wheel of the brightest green glowing in your chest.  Sit with this phrase for several minutes, breathing into the heart, feeling it wake and glow with a fertile, radiant green light.

May I attend to what clouds the heart.
As you repeat this phrase, you may want to silently chant it on the exhale and “see” the clouds of your pain, disappointment, loss and anger dissolving in the radiant green glow of the heart.  Sit with this phrase for several minutes, until you feel that the heart is unobstructed and bright.

May my awakened heart be extended to all beings.
As you now silently repeat this phrase, feel the radiant light of your heart extending out beyond your body, wrapping the world in a huge loving hug.  Rest for a few minutes and allow a free give and take – offering the world this love and receiving love in return.

To end the meditation, join your hands in front of your heart in a gesture of reverence and gently bow to your own loving heart.

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