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Supplements for PCOS: Myo-inositol vs D-Chiro-Inositol

By Breea Johnson, MS RD

In the world of PCOS, most people are familiar with the common recommended medications such as Metformin and the birth control pill to help regulate the cycle and sensitize the body’s tissues to insulin (helping to lessen insulin resistance). While research shows benefits of these medications there are still many side effects that some women do not want to risk.

At Pulling Down the Moon, we recommend FlowPro (if you visit this page, click on the research tab for a summary of the studies that have been done) for PCOS, as the nutritional supplement contains myo-inositol and magnesium that when taken daily have been shown to restore ovulation and menstruation in some women. Myo-inositol can be synthesized by the body from other nutrients but when deficient can impact the ability of the body to be sensitive to insulin. Supplementation with myo-inositol in women has been clinically shown to lower levels of circulating insulin and testosterone, promote ovulation, improve egg quality, improve hirsutism and acne, and lower the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation during an IVF cycle. Some research has found it to be equally effective as Metformin in restoring ovulation.

Another closely-related and popular supplement for PCOS is D-Chiro Inositol (DCI). There are actually nine different forms of inositol (part of the B-vitamin complex), with DCI and Myo-inositol being the two most heavily researched in conjunction with PCOS and insulin sensitivity. There has been no research comparing the effects of both supplements for PCOS, however, both have been found to be beneficial in helping insulin sensitivity.

Do you have PCOS? Have you tried Myo-inositol or D-Chiro Inositol to help manage symptoms? Please feel free to post your stories here. Thanks!