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Dealing with Negative Thoughts

The orientation session of our Fully Fertile book group met last Sunday.  As part of the overview, I discussed the framework of the book – the Kriya Yoga tenets of tapas (purification), svadyaya (self-study) and ishvara pranidhana (surrender to a greater fabric).  One of the women present asked an important question.  ”How do I separate self-study from the blame, second-guessing and self-doubt I feel is central to my experience?”

The answer is both simple and challenging.  At the Moon we ask women to consider a different way of thinking.  It is one that embraces the present moment, that does not place blame on any actions that may have brought us to this point and that views the journey toward parenthood as just that.  A journey.

Now, as to the question of how to make that happen?  There are really three important steps.  First, forgive yourself for your choices.  You did the best you could with the information you had every step of the way.  Second, embrace this new philosophy of welcoming the moment as it arises and exploring the gifts of the present.  In each new moment there is the potential for joy, growth and even miracles.  Finally, practice.   It’s not easy to embrace an entirely new way of thinking – especially one that flies in the face of the world in which we live where blame and the desire to control are everywhere.  Practice your yoga, your meditation and surround yourself with like-minded people who will help you welcome and experience your life as it arises – fresh and filled with potential in every moment.