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New Reiki Modality at PDtM

Lisa Espinosa, Reiki Master

Ann Michaels, Reiki Master

Ann Michels and Lisa Espinosa

This past summer Ann and I were fortunate enough to become certified in the Sacred Childbirth with Reiki (SCR) process. Currently there are only eleven SCR practitioners in the country and we are very excited to bring this modality to Pulling Down the Moon. Our teacher, the creator of this process, Cori Nielsen, is a Dar Shem Reiki Master with 15 years experience as a healer. Cori has written numerous articles about SCR and earlier this year she wrote a piece for Reiki News Magazine describing the benefits of this process.

It’s important to explain that this is a powerful and gentle modality that helps bring healing to the reproductive system whether you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant. An important component of our intense training was that each of us experienced an SCR healing. We both experienced deep healing of old emotional wounds that we had been carrying around in our physical body, specifically in the area of the second chakra which houses all of our reproductive organs.  During the training we were also awakened to all the ways that SCR could help women at PDtM.  This process aims to  help heal and harmonize the  reproductive system, potentially enhancing and supporting fertility.  Once pregnant, SCR can be a valuable tool for creating a relaxed and empowered pregnancy and delivery.   Of course this is meant to be a supplement to any medical care that you are receiving, not a replacement.

Because we work within the medical community, it is important for us to say that there is no current clinical evidence looking at the efficacy of reiki for fertility.  It is, in fact, difficult to “prove” healing on a cellular level.  There are, however, numerous studies that support the use of reiki for different medical condition s.  Our commitment to this process is based upon our own personal experience and the feedback of the women who have come to us for reiki treatments and reported extensive benefits.

1. Healing the Reproductive System
Sacred Childbirth with Reiki clears cellular memory of pain and trauma to our reproductive organs bringing balance and harmony to our overall system. In addition, it helps you process emotions that may be locked in your body and blocking prana from flowing.

Possible traumatic experiences that can affect a woman’s well-being, include:

  • miscarriages and other birth terminations
  • diseases and disorders of sacred organs (for example, cysts, cervical cancer, endometriosis)
  • all forms of sexual trauma (child abuse, harassment, rape)

How the SCR process can help:

  • Helps you connect with a deep relaxed state
  • Clears the cellular memory of the traumatic event
  • Helps blocked emotions from trauma to get processed in a safe and gentle way
  • Helps you embody a feeling of empowerment and wholeness
  • Helps release blockages connected to speaking your truth in this way supporting you to express yourself clearly and lovingly
  • Helps release deep-rooted beliefs of inferiority and worthlessness
  • Helps you tap into your inner wisdom and intuition
  • Helps you regain trust in yourself

2. Empowered Childbirth
Below are some of the tools Sacred Childbirth with Reiki can equip you with so you can  have a beautiful, empowered childbirth.

  • Deep relaxation at the core of your being
  • Clearing of fear, trauma and negativity about birth
  • Practice assessing your body’s knowledge on how to birth with ease
  • Visualize your dream birth
  • Specific tools for building partner involvement

*Please note that Sacred Childbirth with Reiki is meant to be a complement, not a replacement, for your prenatal care.

Please look at PDM’s website for upcoming free Reiki seminars where we will describe more about Reiki, the SCR process and offer you a mini sample Reiki session. Also, if you’re interested in hearing more details about our experiences with SCR or Reiki in general please call either one of us or send us an email.  We’d love to hear from you.