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Bringing in the New Year with a Cleanse

By Breea Johnson, MS RD

It’s the end of the holiday season and most people are already looking towards next year saying to themselves “This will be the year that I _______.” Whatever it is that this next year will be about, cleansing on an emotional, physical and nutritional level is a great way to clear your head and start working towards achieving your goal. Because being in your best health in your best body with your best mind opens you up to achieving anything you set out to accomplish.

Over the past year I have gotten many requests for us to do our ART Recovery/Prep cleanse as a group cleanse as many women like the peer and emotional support that group meetings provide. So, for the New Year, yoga teacher Jenilyn Gilbert and I are working together to offer a joint nutrition and Kundalini yoga cleanse for 4 weeks starting in January 2011. The nutritional cleanse will be a slightly modified version of our ART Recovery/Prep Cleanse which is sure to move your diet to a more clean and green fertility-friendly place. Every week we will split our time between an interactive nutrition lecture and a yoga class that focuses on cleansing a specific area of our body.

What you need to know:

Start the New Year with a special yoga and nutrition combo cleanse! This cleanse will combine nutrition guidelines and Kundalini yoga to focus on restoring digestion, supporting liver detoxification and cleansing both physically and emotionally. Peer support will help you find greater success and even enjoy the process of cleaning up body, mind and spirit!

This class is not for women currently on a medicated fertility cycle or who are pregnant. No prior yoga experience required. The class fee of $200 includes four combined nutrition and yoga sessions, teas and snacks. Any related nutrition supplements are extra.

Co-taught by senior PDtM yoga instructor Jenilyn Gilbert and nutritionist Breea Johnson at the Chicago River North location this is the right class to help you meet your goals for health and wellbeing in 2011!

To sign up or if you have any questions, call Pulling Down the Moon at (312) 321-0004 or visit our web registration page.