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Fertile Heart: Opening Your Fourth Chakra


By Cathleen McCauley, LMT

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I encourage you to take the opportunity to reflect on your Heart Chakra, and your openness to its energy in your life.

Known in Sanskrit as Anahata, the Heart Chakra resides in the center of your chest. It is the fourth major energy center in the chakra system from where love, understanding, compassion and forgiveness emanate. Oftentimes, it is described as the center of your being, where the lower and upper chakras of the body and spirit unite. It teaches that love is the most powerful energy you have; it is the Divine within.

When open, balanced and realized, the fourth chakra allows you to experience unconditional love for yourself and others. It gives way to compassion, being in touch with your feelings, a desire to nurture others and empathy. In times of loss, a balanced Heart Chakra guides you to acceptance. It gives you the opportunity to grieve fully and experience your pain, anger and sadness so you can continue living with an open heart. At its core, the fourth chakra coincides with emotional development and being able to live “by heart.”

An unbalanced fourth chakra may manifest as fear-of loneliness, commitment, letting go, getting hurt or following your heart. It can be characterized by negativity, anger, moodiness, being demanding, possessive or overly critical. Pain between the shoulder blades, tension, high blood pressure, heart pain, fatigue and difficulty breathing are common ailments associated with an unbalanced fourth chakra.

When meeting with a client for fertility massage, the first question I usually ask is, “How are you feeling?” Most times, clients tell me what they are doing to become pregnant. Often they mention stress and the areas of the body that are physically painful; less frequently do they mention emotional feelings.

The Heart Chakra shows us how emotions play a vital role in our lives. And while exploring your heart can be a difficult process, taking gentle steps towards conscious awareness can bring greater love, healing and balance to your journey toward conception.

Pulling Down the Moon offers you many options as you open your heart energy, including yoga, meditation and Reiki. I also encourage you to contact us for more information or make an appointment for the Open the Breath massage session. This interactive treatment helps clients breathe more fully, clears stagnation and bathes the belly and organs in oxygen. As you release certain breathing patterns, you may also release emotions, helping you to delve into the depths of your Heart Chakra.

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