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The Earth Element in Chinese Medicine

by Anna Pyne LAc FABORM

One aspect of medical theory in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includes the system of the five elements; wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. They can be used to differentiate TCM physiology, pathology, and treatment plan.  Each element corresponds to a specific emotion and an individual TCM organ.  The Earth element is affiliated with the worry or rumination emotion.  When our minds are busy over-thinking it hinders us from being grounded and impairs harmony between the mind-body connection.  The earth element is also associated with the spleen (not the same as Western medical spleen), which has to do in part with the digestive system.  A person with a poor digestive system usually cannot think clearly, hence the importance of a well functioning spleen.   When the spleen is working properly it means the earth element is being sufficiently nourished so that the mind can remain grounded.   This enables us to reduce stress, keep life in perspective when it gets tough, and can help maintain optimal physical health.

At Pulling Down the Moon we have numerous treatment modalities to ensure that the earth element comes into and stays in balance.  The therapies offered are acupuncture, herbal therapy, yoga, meditation, diaphragmatic breathing exercises, reiki, massage, and nutrition all of which can be used either individually or in combination.  If you have any questions regarding the earth element according to TCM, feel free to contact me via email ( ) or make an appointment for acupuncture/herbal therapy by calling the office.