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Fertility Intention Beads – When Fate, Beauty and Good Energy Meet

by  Tami Quinn, Pulling Down the Moon Co-Founder

Back in May, I attended a wonderful party at She Beads in Wilmette to celebrate the launch of a new jewelry line called, “Intention Beads.”   Sandy Rueve, the Founder and woman who started the hand-rolled, clay bead phenomenon and I became fast friends when we learned that each of us shared a love of astrology, eastern mysticism and beautiful jewelry.

Over the years, while making jewelry for Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen of the Chicago Bulls and distributing her beads to high-end retailers around the world, Sandy was often told by her customers that her beads had a type of “power.”  “Nope,” she would reply, “They’re just jewelry beads infused with my good intentions and lots of personal energy.  I can’t really say they are powerful.”  Earlier this year, however, Sandy had an “aha” moment.  She had learned from her personal astrologer that there were certain times of the year when the energy created by planetary transits could be auspicious for manifesting ones deep-hearted desires.  Think the energy of the moon affecting the ebb and flow of the tides or the energy of the sun that allows plants to grow.  Armed with this information, Sandy decided to work with her astrologer to create “Intention Beads.”  These special beads are hand-made by Sandy during astrological transits that will help bring about certain universal intentions; things like strengthening partnerships, rekindling ones sex life, the ability to find creative passion or the drive to be assertive.  These beads are then made into beautiful bracelets infused with the energy of the astrological transits occurring at the moment the beads are created.

As Sandy told me about her new beads, I couldn’t help but get excited about bringing them to Pulling Down the Moon and creating Fertility Intention Jewelry.  We began to brainstorm on what this special line of Fertility beads could look like and the intention they might hold.  I told her that I felt pretty strongly that the astrologist who was involved should be credible and understand the fertility process.  Sandy said she’d ask Barbara and let me know.  “Barbara,” I said, “Barbara Schermer from”  Sandy looked astonished that I should know her astrologer.  As fate would have it, Barbara is the very same astrologer that Pulling Down the Moon has used for years to do readings for fertility patients who request them.  It seemed like a match made in heaven, SheBeads, Barbara Schermer and Pulling Down the Moon creating one-of-a-kind fertility intention bracelets.  Our first batch just arrived and they are beautiful, unique and filled with love and good energy.  You might say they have been designed to be your special fertility talisman or good luck charm throughout this challenging process of becoming a parent.

We currently have just two left but will be making more in mid-August with the next auspicious fertility transit.  We invite you to view Sandy’s video and explore owning your own intention bracelet.  It is truly our honor to be offering this exclusive product at Pulling Down the Moon.

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Tami Quinn