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Reconnecting with Ourselves through Reiki Meditation

Lisa Espinosa, Reiki Master

By: Lisa Espinosa, M.Ed., Reiki Master

“I took this class to help me find peace and relaxation during my fertility,” commented Martha*, a student in my meditation class. “It helped me find both, but even more importantly, helped me realize how important it was to not lose myself on this journey.”

Martha’s comment reflects one of the main purpose’s of the meditation class I teach: to help women re-connect with themselves, and “not loose themselves on this journey.”  In this class I help you experience an hour of peace and relaxation. And I share tools that you can integrate into your everyday life to help you navigate the stress that is common during the fertility journey.

During the class, I guide women through an hour of relaxing and nurturing meditation, integrated with Reiki healing energy.  The combination of meditation and Reiki really enhances the experience for my students. As one of my students, Jill, shared:

“I got so much from the class. It is wonderful for learning ways to release stress and take care of yourself whether you are going through treatments or taking a break. Lisa’s guidance through the meditations were gentle and helped me get the most of each meditation. The Reiki was a great bonus. I could feel the energy each time. It was fantastic!”

During the class I play soothing music as I guide my students to shift from rushing, stress, and worry to a place of peace, and centeredness. I use different meditation techniques, such as visualization and mantra. I also incorporate a chakra meditation, in which students connect with each chakra (the seven energy centers of our body which can often get clogged and congested) and begin to notice which of their chakras might need some balancing. Throughout the class I gently do Reiki by laying my hands on different areas of my students’ bodies, such as tight shoulders, or achy backs, as well as any chakras students identified that need some balancing. During the last meditation, women lie down as I spend a few moments on each student doing Reiki on an area that is in need of more healing. My clients enjoy having this hour to themselves. As Sharron, wrote:

“I enjoyed the hour to focus on myself without disruptions, to think about the week ahead and focus on what I want to achieve and (sometimes) reflect on the past week. It has been a wonderful prep for a stressful IVF cycle. It calms me during the period and keeps me busy at the same time.”

For the next few weeks this class will be a drop-in class, and will return to a 5-week enrollment class in November.  I invite all of you to take this opportunity to give it a try. There is no experience necessary, and both fertility and pre-natal clients are welcome.  If you have any questions please contact me at .

* all names have been changed