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Anna’s News Article: Auricular Therapy and Weight Loss

Excessive weight gain can negatively impact the chances of conception, and trying to shed the extra pounds is typically a difficult process.  One option for addressing this problem is to use acupuncture therapy, particularly auricular therapy to help get you on the correct path towards a healthier you!  According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) auricular therapy is the most effective accessory technique added to the main acupuncture treatment, when dealing with weight loss.  It involves stimulating certain points in the ear, through either needling or using ear press seeds or pellets.  Auricular therapy is basically like ear reflexology; there is a specific point designated in the ear for every organ and place that exists on the body.  It helps by breaking the habit of eating when it is used as a reaction to dealing with stress, it reduces cravings for sweets and/or other unhealthy foods, and it can strengthen the body’s metabolism.

Of course in TCM we always look at the person individually and devise a treatment plan according to each specific Chinese medicinal diagnosis.  There are numerous reasons for weight gain thus we have to use different acupuncture points to address each individual cause.  With auricular therapy though, there is a specific point protocol for weight loss and it includes a few points on each ear.  One of them is named the “hunger” point, which reduces cravings and/or the desire to eat.  To learn more about the treatment or make an appointment please feel free to call the office at 312-321-0004 or email me at .