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Anna’s News Article: Eating a Warming Diet During Summer


There are so many cold foods and drinks to enjoy during the summertime, like gazpacho, frozen yogurt, fresh fruit, and ice water to name a few. However, will eating these foods and drinking these drinks in this season be harmful to your fertility? Not necessarily. The philosophy behind a warming diet in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is that it builds the body’s qi (energy) and blood to have the strength to conceive, and carry a pregnancy through to our goal of having a healthy baby. Following a warming diet also helps focus qi and blood circulation on the lower abdomen where the reproductive organs reside. By improving blood flow to this area we are able to enhance fertility. A warming diet means consuming foods and drinks that are lightly cooked, as well as warm-propertied such as garlic, cinnamon, onions etc. Abiding by this helps boost the body’s qi and blood which will augment fertility.

In the summertime, when the weather is warm, the body does not have to expend any extra energy to stay warm, like it does in the wintertime. This means that during the summer months, consuming cooler propertied foods and drinks, in moderation of course, is fine. Consuming these on a daily basis however is most certainly not advisable as that is excessive and from the TCM perspective could be detrimental to fertile health. Mostly try to stick to a more warming diet in general, with the exception of summertime when you can have the occasional cool treat. To learn more about following a warming diet during the summertime feel free to contact us via email or phone.