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Acupuncture for Fertility: What to Expect During Your Treatment

Hena Shomali, L.Ac. sat down with us to explain what to expect and how to make the most of your acupuncture sessions at Pulling Down the Moon:

What can someone expect from their acupuncture appointment at Pulling Down the Moon?

A visit to our clinic is felt by most to be a deeply restorative, healing break from the normal stresses of life. Coming to the clinic for regular treatments can help establish a new respect for the rhythm of your body and the importance of  a calm pacing in life. The clinic is designed to promote relaxation with pleasing decor, soft lighting and peaceful music in the treatment rooms.

Here is how our treatment works: First, we will discuss your medical history or get an update on your symptoms. You will then be directed to a treatment room, where you can lie down and relax on a treatment table. Patients are given privacy to disrobe, down to their undergarments, if it is deemed necessary by the acupuncturist and then instructed to rest on a heated treatment table, underneath a sheet. If at some point during the treatment the acupuncturist needs to get access to certain parts of the body to activate specific points, the patient will always be asked first and appropriately draped for modesty.

For the patient, the acupuncture treatment will normally feel very relaxing and restorative. Many patients also report feeling powerful energy flowing within their body and a deep connection to healing energies and experiences.

How should a patient prepare for their appointment?

You should wear something comfortable ( e.g. sweatpants, a comfortable t-shirt, shorts, etc.) for your acupuncture appointment. Try to avoid drinking or eating something that will stain the tongue before your visit. We will typically ask that watches and bracelets be removed, so you may want to keep jewelry to a minimum. Try to arrive on time or a little early to be sure your entire experience is soothing. It is best to have light meal prior to your appointment.

Is there anything that may happen during a session which patients should be aware of?

A common acupuncture side effect during treatment is drowsiness and you may fall asleep on the table. This is a normal reaction and is usually an indicator that your body is in need of some serious “down time”. In our world of stressful productivity, you may feel driven to push your body beyond its normal limits in order to get things done. You may not realize just how run down you are until you are given permission to truly relax, which is what occurs during an acupuncture session.

Occasionally you may get dizzy, experience nausea or even a notice a general euphoria during a session. If this occurs, it is usually during the very first acupuncture session and is due to being overly hungry, fatigued, or overstimulated during the session. In this case, communicate what is going on to your acupuncturist and the needles will be removed. You will feel normal again within a few minutes.

What would you recommend your patients do to get the greatest benefit from their acupuncture sessions? 

To achieve the greatest benefits, it is important to follow a consistent treatment plan that your acupuncturist will develop specifically for you and with you. The treatment plan will be outlined at your first visit and revised as your acupuncturist observes your response to care. The treatment plan will address your present symptoms along with your short term and long term goals.

You can rest assured that the positive effects of acupuncture may typically begin right after your first visit. However, acupuncture is a therapy and consistent treatments allow for your healing to progress more quickly. Generally speaking, your therapy will be designed in such way that you are treated more frequently at the beginning and, once your symptoms decrease, your treatment becomes more infrequent until you are on a maintenance schedule. The maintenance schedule is unique to each patient and will be discussed with your acupuncturist at the appropriate time.

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