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Kundalini Yoga and Hormone Balance

by Ann-Marie Vigano, RYT

Seeking Balance?

Work, relationship, personal and physical challenges.  Especially around the winter months and the holidays, we crave reconnection, coziness, love of friends and family, and warmth.  What we experience in our relationships and our environment does not always feed that craving.  Holidays are notorious for bringing up stress and emotional and physical challenges, including overindulgence.  Family gatherings are notorious for triggering some of our most touchy personal issues.

Sometimes a yoga class is just what we need, but not always what we make time for in our busy lives.  Yoga gives us an opportunity to balance ourselves, inside and out.   Kundalini yoga combines postures, breath work, hand mudras, and internal focus, creating a full mind-body-spirit experience.  According to ancient wisdom, these elements combine to stimulate pressure points in the brain and the body, balancing energy channels, as well as the circulation of blood to the organs and hormones throughout the body.  On the mind and spiritual levels, Kundalini yoga takes us out of the time and space in which we are interacting with other people and in our physical environment, and into a time and space where we connect with ourselves.  We feel calmer and more balanced.

Just taking time out of our daily schedules can allow us to experience a profound shift, even as first time practitioners.  This is because Kundalini yoga is not about what we physically can or cannot do.  It is about who we are, in the present moment, and in the moment we walk into the yoga studio.  Sitting down on our mats, in our personal, sacred yoga space, everything that is not us is allowed to fall away, gracefully and freely.  Everything that is truly us comes forward to be greeted with the love and gratitude with which we would greet our deepest love or our best friend.  The deepest and most profound connection that we so fervently seek outside of us, is found, inside, where it always has been.  The craving is satisfied, and peace and love flow outward and touch every person we encounter.  This is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, and the greatest gift we give to others.

Happy Holidays, indeed.

Please join us for our next Kundalini Yoga workshop for rebalancing… conveniently scheduled in the midst of holiday season.

Rebalance Your Hormones
Saturday, December 15, 2012, 10:00-11:30AM.