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The Five Building Blocks for Optimal Wellbeing

Throughout my life I have seen health and disease, light and darkness, miracles and tragedies. Everything around us is in a constant state of flux; everything within us in a constant state of flux.

This movement is the constant interplay of two inseparable yet interdependent forces: Yin and Yang. Together they create balance and balance is what we must create in order to maintain optimal health and wellness. Take a moment to consider what health and wellness mean to you…is it just getting through the day without a headache or a pain somewhere in your body? Is it a proper blood pressure reading?

While there are many things out of control, there is much within our control and that is empowering .

For anything to stand the test of time, there must be a solid foundation. Here are 5 building blocks to achieving and maintaining your health:

1) Nutrition – a wholesome, natural, and seasonal diet that avoids excesses and chemical toxins; vitamins and herbal supplements to support you; a plentiful supply of fresh water

2) Exercise – a regular program that includes stretching, strengthening and aerobics lowers stress and promotes general relaxation and increased vitality

3) Sleep – an essential and healing aspect of your daily cycle, vital to recharging your “batteries” and to being productive and healthy

4) Stress Management – acupuncture, yoga and reiki all balance the flow of energy in the body; a balance of work and play includes outer and inner activities, learning to relax, and discover what you enjoy

5) Attitude – a basic approach to life that generates how you care for yourself and those around you, and influences the other four lifestyle categories

At a very young age my mother told me ‘without one’s health, one has nothing.’ Our health is not only a blessing, but our foundation. When the foundation is solid, the possibilities are abounding.

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Sabrina Uy, CH, L.Ac.