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Anna’s News: Acupuncture for Labor Prep

Anna’s News: Acupuncture for Labor Prep

Labor and delivery is one of the most intense beautiful life altering events that a woman can experience. One that I have been s o fortunat e to experience thankfully healthfully, twice. I have helped many women, including myself, prepare for labor using acupuncture on a regular basis near the end of the third trimester. Current medical research supports how acupuncture during this time helps in 3 specific ways.* It improves the chances that the patient go into labor closer to the EDD (expected due date), mitigating the need for Pitocin to stimulate labor induction. It reduces the necessity of medical intervention as the rate of cesarean section was decreased. There was also a reduction in epidural rate, indicating that the labors were less painful. I typically recommend weekly acupuncture sessions beginning from week 36 of pregnancy up until your EDD for helping with labor preparation (note not induction). For more information on this topic or to schedule your sessions please feel free to call our office 312-321-0004 or email me at .



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