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Anna’s News: Ear Acupressure Enhances IVF Cycle Outcome!

Anna’s News: Ear Acupressure Enhances IVF Cycle Outcome!

Ear acupressure is a commonly used accessory technique in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that supports the main treatment which is acupuncture and herbs. It is typically likened to ear reflexology as each body part has its own allocated spot on the ear. These ear acupoints can be stimulated in various ways. They can be needled, or the acupuncturist can place a tiny seed or pellet (gold or silver) over the point which adheres to the skin with a band-aid type adhesive. By stimulating an ear acupoint/s you help treat the body part it is associated with.

It is exciting to learn that new research supports the placement of ear seeds at reproductive points, significantly lowers anxiety and improves outcomes when undergoing an IVF cycle.* The ear press seeds were stimulated by the patient throughout the day from around egg retrieval to embryo transfer. The study showed that in the ear acupressure group clinical pregnancy rate, implantation rate, and live birth rate were all significantly higher than the sham ear acupressure group and control group. At Pulling Down the Moon we typically incorporate ear acupressure into our acupuncture sessions with IVF cycles. For more information regarding ear acupressure and how it can help during an IVF cycle please feel free to email me at or call our office to speak with one of our acupuncturists.


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