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Fertility Acupuncture 101: “What is going to happen at my first appointment?”

As we mentioned in our previous post, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) works to determine the underlying patterns of disharmony in the body and based on your unique pattern your practitioner will provide an individualized treatment plan to help restore your fertility.

There are three assessment tools in the TCM “tool chest:”


You may, in fact, be surprised by the kinds of questions that an acupuncturist will find to be relevant. How quickly you fall asleep, whether you experience changes in your bowel movements prior to getting your period and even the color of menstrual bleeding are all of import. While this may sound like TMI rather than TCM, it’s this careful observation that has led, over thousands of years, to this amazing system and its ability to successfully treat conditions that stymie western medicine including chronic pain, headaches, neurological issues and yes, the most important one for our purposes, fertility.


Your practitioner is going to use his or her eyes to assess your complexion, body shape, and most importantly, your tongue. Your practitioner will check your tongue on every visit. The color and texture of your tongue, the way your eyes look and your complexion provide the practitioner valuable information about the root of the imbalance that may be contributing to fertility problems.


Finally, the practitioner uses their sense of touch to assess your pulse at the wrist as well as feel for heat, damp, dryness or coolness in your abdomen, hands and feet.

From this information a treatment will be constructed that meets your needs and is individualized not only on your given pattern of disharmony but also on how you are presenting in the office on that given day. This last element is essential for fertility patients because the phases of the menstrual cycle, or the phases of an IUI/IVF cycle each have a different impact on the body. TCM responds in a fluid and nimble way to these challenges.

In our next post we will discuss some of the concepts that define fertility acupuncture and how they help us support you in your journey.

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