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5 Surprising Reasons to Start Yoga for Fertility in January!


1. Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

If you resolved to reduce your stress, be more positive and feel healthier in 2015 our Yoga for Fertility class is your one-stop shop for success. Previous research has shown this class significantly reduces anxiety in women who are experiencing fertility challenges. And if one of your other resolutions was to achieve pregnancy this class may also provide an edge. Our in-house survey found that 75% of the women who took our six week class were pregnant within six months of taking the class.

2. Be in Community

You may not realize how lonely and isolated you feel. Time and again women come to our classes and are shocked by how good it feels to be with other women, sharing stories and experiences. We pull away from many of the people closest to us during this difficult time. The number of friendships and support networks that have evolved organically from Pulling Down the Moon yoga classes are one of our proudest achievements.

3. Feel strong, relaxed and sexy this year

The yoga poses we practice are appropriate for all fitness levels and will not only promote the conditions we want for optimal fertility (blood flow, reduced stress hormones, reduced muscle tension in the pelvis) they will also help you stay strong and toned. Our work with the deeper practices of breathing and meditation will assist you in tuning in to your inner beauty and find you can let it shine out a bit more.

4. You can help the field of Reproductive Science

Fertility Centers of Illinois and Pulling Down the Moon are conducting a joint research study to learn whether yoga has an impact on anxiety levels and pregnancy outcomes in women going through medicated fertility cycles. Through your participation in our program you will help document the potential benefits of yoga for fertility.

5. Take the class for half price!

Study participants will attend a six-week Yoga for Fertility program for half price at Pulling Down the Moon (a $105 savings!). Yoga classes will be held in River North and Highland Park, IL and Rockville, MD locations. If you are interested in joining the study:

1. Print out and sign this Informed Consent Document and scan the signature sheet to .

2. Log on to the Study Website using this link and fill out the anxiety research questionnaire. The questionnaire should take about 10 minutes to complete.

3. After filling out the online anxiety questionnaire (link above) you can contact Pulling Down the Moon at 312-321-0004 to register for your class at the discounted rate of $105. *


River North (Chicago)

Wednesdays, January 21 to March 4, 5:30-7 p.m.

Highland Park (Illinois)

Sundays, February 8 to March 15, 9-10:30 a.m.

4. All participants will complete a follow up anxiety questionnaire 6-8 weeks after the initial questionnaire was completed.

Questions? Email

What to Expect from Yoga for Fertility

1. The class is a six-week yoga session that teaches yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation strategies specific to the fertility journey.

2. You will learn a yoga practice that is appropriate for any experience/fitness level that can be done safely throughout medicated, IUI and IVF cycles.

3. Poses are chosen to promote blood flow to the pelvis, release tight musculature in the hips and lower back and to release anxiety.

4. You will learn strategies from yoga philosophy that help to “reframe” the fertility journey into a period of personal growth.

5. A previous pilot study found that women who participated in Pulling Down the Moon’s six-week yoga program showed statistically significant decreases in their overall anxiety levels.

6. The Pulling Down the Moon yoga instructors for this study have all experienced the process of medical fertility treatment and understand what your body is going through.

7. This six-week Yoga for Fertility program has been featured in Conceive Magazine, Yoga Journal and The New York Times.

Questions about participation?

Contact Beth Heller at

or call 312-321-0004 if you have any questions about this study and we will be happy to assist you!